Workshops for lawyers

Nowadays lawyers deal with contracts drawn up in English, participate in negotiations with Englis-speaking Clients and handle correspondence with Clients in English on everyday basis. The linguistic competences together with the knowledge of legal English with its critical shades and nuances has an impact on the Client’s assessment of the quality of legal services provided. For that reason, appropriate and efficient workshops and trainings are indispensable to ensure that the contact with an English-speaking Client is effective and gives evidence of true professionalism of lawyers. We offer intensive legal English courses as well as standard courses which take place at fixed hours throughout the year. Our team of trainers comprises highly qualified teachers and translators with years-long experience in teaching professionals and excellent knowledge of legal terminology which is based on understanding of legal matters. We will motivate You and Your employees, we will explain the complex vocabulary and support memorisation of the material, so that You and Your employees may freely communicate with their English-speaking Clients.

Workshops for sworn translator candidates

General information
Number of hours: 32 academic hours
Number of meetings: 4 class meetings on 4 Saturdays 
1. Saturday 2. Saturday 3. Saturday 4. Saturday
9.00 a.m.-10.30 a.m.
  • Practical information on sworn translator exam. Get 20 points for free!
  • Legal advisor – introduction to litigation
  • Vocabulary related to litigation – a presentation
  • Divorce and separation in Polish legal system – analysis and translation workshops
  • Revision and homework analysis
  • Legal advisor – lecture on ownership right and other rights in rem; differences in legal the USA and UK systems
  • Vocabulary related to ownership and other rights in rem – presentation
  • Translation problems – lease, tenancy etc.
  • Servitudes – translation workshops
  • Revision and homework analysis
  • Legal advisor – introduction to criminal law
  • Criminal law, vocabulary – analysis and presentation
  • Summons – translation workshops
  • Instructing the victim about their rights and duties, and other texts
  • Revision and homework analysis
  • Economist – lecture on economy and finance
  • Finance and banking – analysis and presentation
  • Financial and banking related texts – translation workshops
10.30 a.m.-10.45 a.m. Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
10.45 a.m.-1.00 p.m.
  • Divorce in Anglo-Saxon legal system – differences and traps – translation workshops
  • Courts in Anglo-Saxon and Polish legal systems
  • Adoption – vocabulary analysis and procedural differences – translation workshops
  • Standard contract clauses – analysis of the specificity of Anslo-Saxon contracts – presentation
  • Notarial deed – translation workshops
  • Power of attorney – translation workshops
  • Judgment in a criminal case – translation workshops
  • Witness’s testimony – translation problems, workshops
  • Punitive and preventive measures – vocabulary analysis and workshops
  • Statement of claim in civil procedure – differences between legal systems, translation workshops
  • Summons to appear in court – translation workshop
1.00 p.m. -1.45 p.m. Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
1.45 p.m.- 4.00 p.m.
  • Inheritance – vocabulary presentation
  • Testaments – translation workshops
  • Legalese – archaic expressions and Latin in legal English
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Advocate – lecture on types of companies and parterships
  • Companies and partneships in Anglo-Saxon systems – analysis
  • Companies and partnerships – vocabulary presentation
  • Articles of association – translation workshops
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Elementy języka medycznego w protokołach prokuratury – warsztaty
  • Summary
  • Homework
  • Interpreting – the art. of note-taking, theory and practice
  • Interpreting –memory in liaison interpreting - practice
  • Check list for the exam
  • Legalese – false friends and confusables
  • How to use stress to your advantage – very practical information

We offer

  • Classes with highly qualified professionals:
    • Legal advisor, British Law Centre and Center for American Law Studies at the University of Warsaw graduate
    • Advocate
    • Economist
    • Sworn translator
    • Translator with years-long experience
  • Extensive workshop materials
  • Thematic glossaries
  • Presentations printouts
  • Individual correction of homework and homework analysis
  • Workshops on actual examination texts and authentic source texts
  • Certificates
  • Small groups
  • Friendly ambiance